Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What kind of coverage

What kind of coverage will help students with their insurance needs?

Students who live on campus stay in dorms. Students' belongings are usually covered under their parents' homeowners policy. Homeowners policy may not cover their electronic gear such as computers, televisions, and stereos. In case anything gets stolen, students should ask their parents' insurance agents about full coverage on electronic gear.

Students who live off-campus should buy a renters insurance policy for the coverage of their belongings. Those students who live in-campus, a thing like theft occurs often. And in case a student does get robbed, he should take some precautious to make sure that this unfortunate event does not happen again.

Any student should know that leaving their belongings unattended, even in the library, can be easily stolen since no one is responsible to look after them but you. Unfortunately, there are many cases like that, where students left their bags or laptops just for several minutes, and when they returned it was gone. Alas, administration can do nothing about it.

Many students, especially those who came far away, live in dorms. Whenever you want to leave somewhere - whether you want to go in the bathroom or some other place - you should lock your door. Because your door won't be locked, somebody can just come in to your room, and take anything they want to, and you will never know who did it.

In case your electronic device gets stolen, make sure it is engraved. An engraved name in your electronics will help police track stolen property.

If you have valuable and expensive jewelry, do not bring them if you live in dorms. They can be easily stolen. Many students should know that from the moment they move into dorms, they should take care of their belongings right away instead of their loss at a later time. A student who has CSI, Student Personal Property Protector Plus insurance, can get replaced property in case any loss has been discovered.

According to the US Crime Bureau, theft and burglaries occur every minute. Most students have laptops since they are easy to carry, however they are easily stolen too because of the fact that they are in high demand. If you are ensured with CSI, you will be covered. Crossing Guard will help you even to catch a thief.

Any student should think more about his studies than his property, that's he should be ensured and take some precautions on how to keep everything safe. You should shop around to make sure that coverage, price and deductibles best fit you and your lifestyle. However, make sure that you judge an insurance company accordingly. If you are not satisfied with the policy you are with, try to take refund in full.

You can also check your school insurance. A student health insurance will be at better price in your school since office visits are usually free for students. Make sure you purchase your student health insurance at the beginning of each school year.


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