Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My child is going to college soon

What insurance is necessary and what insurance issues do this raise?

As any worried parent or guardian, you are probably wondering what happens to be the best way to insure your child when he/she is going off to college. You also probably have a lot of things on mind including whether they'll eat right, or whether they will get enough sleep, insurance shouldn't add to your problems.

Health insurance: Make sure that your child is covered. Shop around for health insurance and ask your current health insurance agent if they have any plans that will benefit your child's specific needs. Overall, health insurance is really important and it shouldn't be taken likely. Talk o a friendly customer representative from your health insurance company and negotiate a deal that will both save you money and protect your child from any harm while he/she is off to college.

Auto insurance: If your child is going to purchase a car and is going to drive on his very own, you should probably consider making your child an auto club member. This will make life a lot easier for your kids, and perhaps for you. If you make your child an auto club member in your insurance company, you will probably receive discounts and offers that might end up saving you money on your auto insurance.

Don't forget about renter's insurance. If your child isn't purchasing a home just yet, make sure that his possessions are thoroughly protected.


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