Wednesday, August 1, 2007

student's safety

What are things to remember for every student's safety?

It should be known to all parents that it is not safe for your child, from age 5-14, to go to school unsupervised since many accidents occur on the roads everyday. That's why parents should take special precaution of telling their children how they should act in order to prevent any pedestrian injuries while crossing the roads.

Small children, while crossing the road, should be very attentive by looking both ways before crossing the street. For extra safety, a crossing guard is needed on the road.

According to statistics, there are more accidents happening among teen drivers, than with experienced drivers. 6,000 teen drivers are dying in car accidents every year. Parents should always give extra warnings what might happen on the road if they stop being extra attentive while they drive to school.

The biggest problems among teen drivers are speed limit violations because teens love to drive their cars at high speed. They should know that if they do not obey the speed limit rules, they will only put their lives at a greater risk.

Not every adult forgets to buckle themselves before they start driving, but unfortunately most teen drivers forget about these "minor' things. By buckling-up, teenagers will protect themselves by staying in their seat.

A safe car is very important for any teen because roads are sometimes slippery especially during rainy or snowy weather. Keep in mind that picking out the right car for your teen is crucial, especially with today's bad drivers.

Teen drivers, who drink alcohol, take drugs or medical prescription, not only put their lives under high threats but also increase these threats for other drivers. There are medical prescriptions that make a person drowsy and there is a high chance you might fall asleep while driving.

By taking these pills, you might also stop being so attentive on the road. This now happens with most teen drivers. A teen driver who suffers from a drinking problem eventually gets his driver's license gets evoked from him, and it gets on his permanent record. Teen drivers who are drug addicts, can go to jail for that easily.

Everybody who lives in college dorms, should know that there is high chance to be robbed. Not all student belongings can get covered under the parents' homeowners policy. Students also use electronics that are so valuable to them. That's why they should take care about their personal property and get their insurance plan.

A student needs to keep receipts for all electronics in order to know the right amount paid for the item that could be stolen. A receipt will be your proof of the purchase of the item that was stolen from you.


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