Friday, August 17, 2007


Whether you are an employee or an employer it seems that is always something new that you need to be aware of when it comes to California health care coverage.

If you are an employee - should you take the group coverage offered to you at your job or should you seek your own individual plan? How can you best take advantage of a consumer directed health care plan such as a health savings account?

If you are an employer - What plan design would best fit my needs and the needs of my employees? Should I investigate a full scale group health plan or should I maybe lean towards a medical reimbursement plan type apprach with individual policies for each of my workers? How can I best implement a cafeteria (Section 125) plan? Where can I get the CA group health information that I need to make an informed decision? Is there anywhere that I can view some quick price quotes online?

There are many different types of group health plans in the state of CA. There are also many different ways to structure an employee benefits solution, some of which even include individual health plans. Whether you are an employer or employee - do your research and compare quotes from top companies in your California zip code side by side for free by requesting free California Health Insurance Quotes.


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