Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Find Affordable Health Insurance Online

You can find cheap health insurance online – whether that’s and HMO, POS, PPO, or FFS indemnity plan it’s important to pick the plan that’s best for your specific needs. So let’s have a look at each of these plans.

HMO contracts doctors, medical providers, and hospitals to form a network. If your plan is with HMO then you get affordable health insurance but you must use the services that HMO has contracted so although you have some flexibility you may not have as much as you want. You have to pay a specified amount for their services.

POS is a point of service plan which is a lot like HMO except that you can be referred out of the POS network. For example if you need to see a specialist outside of the POS network it’s not a problem. However POS does cost more than HMO but the health insurance rates are still very affordable.

PPO is a preferred provider organization that is also much like the HMO network however you are not required to use their network and you can go to both doctors and hospitals outside the network with a referral but you do pay more and you get less coverage. This is considered the best health insurance by many.

FFS is an indemnity plan that is what’s called a fee for service plan where you are billed by the service you use. There is no network and you choose which doctors, specialists, and hospitals you will use. The only limiting factor is whether the facility or doctor accepts FFS.

Whether you want group health insurance or individual health insurance get your heath insurance quote online. In fact get at least three quotes so that it is easier to compare quotes. Make sure you thoroughly explore your options and you understand what those options are and how they will affect you. Do your homework, shop around, and find the right health insurance for your needs.


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