Monday, June 18, 2007

How to Find Affordable Health Insurance

The premiums charged for health insurance are filed with and regulated by the Department of Insurance for each state. This means that no matter where the policy holder purchases his or her insurance, the price will be the same. This offers the reward and ease that comes with online shopping with Health-Insurance-Carriers as well as the confidence of knowing that, no matter what, you will get the best prices available.

All our information and services are available free of charge. Choosing a health insurance plan through our broker network means that you will pay no more than the usual premium to the health insurance provider you choose and nothing to us. Insurance providers cover our costs with commissions, which are built into the premium amount.

What can you do to help yourself save money on health insurance? How about:

  • Organize your family's health insurance plans to insure that you aren’t paying double for any services.
  • Choose the health insurance policy that offers the best value for your situation. Cheaper isn’t always better.
  • Become familiar with the rules of your chosen health insurance plan before you buy. Be sure that you can follow them.
  • Take advantage of the tax breaks offered through some health care services and plans.
  • Quit smoking, lose weight, and exercise more. Being healthy makes for lower health costs and, in some cases, lower premiums.
  • Take advantage of free and low cost health screenings.
  • For lower premiums, raise your deductible or co-pay. For a lower deductible, opt for a higher premium.
  • Comparison shop. Take the time to research your options

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