Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Civil Rights Options for Students for an Affordable Health Insurance

from: Gerald W. Marsh, President, Tualatin Valley Insurance, Inc.

Every human being is entitled to different rights. As a human being, you are entitled to live independently, choose the lifestyle that you are comfortable living with, receive necessary aid from the government in events of difficulties, especially if life is at stake, and other rights being given to you.

One of the civil rights that is given to you by the United States Constitution is the right to education. You are given the freedom to choose the school you want to enroll to. Moreover, the Constitution also grants you the freedom of choosing the college degree that you think can help you in your future life. It is part of your birthright not only as a student but also as a citizen of the United States as well.

Maybe you will also wonder if you are also entitled to an affordable health insurance while you are studying. Is such thing also provided in your bill of rights as a student?

Although the Constitution does not categorically state such concept, it is still your right as a student to have an affordable health insurance. Remember that you are not only entitled to be covered by your parent’s group health insurance policy, but also you are entitled to your own student health insurance policy at an affordable rate. The higher cost of college expenses is already an evident reason for you to be entitled to an affordable student health insurance. You also want to protect your family’s finances that have suffered enough due to your college expenses, as well as the other expenditures right at your own home.

Yes, there is a wide array of options for you to consider with regards to student health coverage. However, it is not always a guarantee that it is offered on an affordable rate. Remember that health insurance carriers, especially the big ones, do not provide health benefits for free. They always do it for the sake and interest of their business as well as for the potential revenues that can be derived from premiums paid by their policyholders.

If that will be the case, you must also uphold your civil rights of having an affordable student health insurance policy. You are also a consumer who is entitled to sufficient health coverage within an affordable rate. There are possible options you can resort to in case you are having difficulty obtaining an affordable student health insurance.

There are various groups which is composed of legal personalities and finance professionals who helps people, particularly students, in getting access to health insurance carriers that offer health insurance plan in an affordable rate. They can help you find that affordable student health insurance plan through these groups.

You may also seek the assistance of the state health department in your area. Their staff will help you find other alternatives for your health coverage while studying. Just like the aforementioned group of legal and finance professionals, they also deal with different health insurance providers and ask them to provide you plans with affordable rates.

Always remember that you have that civil right to an affordable student health insurance. You resort to the options discussed above and ensure that your health needs will be provided within an affordable rate.

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