Sunday, September 30, 2007

Independent Health Care Insurance

Independent health insurance brokers are licensed by the state and represent their client, the policyholder, not a specific company. These individuals have the freedom to attain coverage from multiple agencies, and can develop an individualized plan for the needs of their client. What many people don't realize is that they will pay the same policy premium whether or not they purchase the policy through an independent health care insurance broker, or directly through an agency. The broker is paid a commission that is included in all policy premiums, and knowing this, the decision to choose a broker that is looking out for the client's best interest is appealing.

There are different types of agents that will work with individuals to provide their insurance needs through policy and rate information. Most people will have their first encounters with brokers who are considered to be independent. Brokers that work with one agency are known as captive agents, while those that represent multiple agencies are independent health insurance brokers. Technology has allowed these individuals to take on more clients and provide information through the use of email and website referral. In the past, the independent health care insurance agent would come to the home of the client and present multiple policy options. Now, they can direct the client to compare and shop around themselves with the click of a mouse.

Some agents work strictly out of the home with a computer, telephone, and fax machine. Agency websites that provide information are useful marketing tools for the independent health insurance broker, and can be utilized as an advertising method which allows the agent to spend more time answering questions and filling out paperwork instead of marketing the sale of the policy. In fact, with the use of the electronic signature, the entire independent health care insurance policy can be purchased online. This not only makes it convenient for the agent, but the convenience is passed on to the consumer.

Christians in particular can seek a Christian broker, and trust that an honest and Christ-like individual will service their insurance needs adequately. Individuals should gather as much information as possible about various independent health insurance companies before making their final decision. God has bestowed upon a Christian the wisdom and understanding necessary to make responsible and informed decisions, even as they pertain to the purchase of medical coverage from an independent health care insurance broker. "Through wisdom is a house builded; and by understanding it is established." (Proverbs 24:3)

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