Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Guide to Family Health Insurance

Medical costs are rising by the day. The trend in the United States is towards individual and family health insurance and corporates and employers are unwilling to provide group health insurance to their employees.

There is no doubt as to the importance of a health insurance. An accident or a severe illness may cripple your financial well being as also your physical and emotional well-being. The cost of family health insurance is also on the rise. However if you cannot afford a long-term family health insurance plan you can opt for a short-term family health insurance plan to tide over your financial commitments and at a later date buy a long-term family health insurance plan.

Family health insurance plan is beneficial in many ways. It costs less than individual health insurance plans. If your spouse is provided health insurance cover by her/his employer then you can opt for a group insurance which will come at a very marginal increase in the premium. There are few issues that need to be studied carefully before purchasing a health insurance plan.

There are two types of family health insurance plans.

Indemnity. It provides a broader choice of doctors and hospitals. However you have to pay the bill yourself and later claim from the insurance company. The company cuts the deductible and refunds the rest. The company pays at a set rate called usual, customary and reasonable rate (UCR) for any medical service taken by you.

Managed Care plans. In these plans the insurance companies have tie-ups with doctors and hospitals for providing medical care at a discount rate. So you do not have the flexibility to go for your preferred doctor or hospital. If you opt for going to your doctor or hospital you have to pay the deductible and pay the bill yourself and claim later. However if you use the available service you don’t have to pay. The doctor or hospital will claim money on your behalf.

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By Oliver Turner
Published: 8/29/2006

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