Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fortis Temporary Health Insurance

Every year millions of people in USA fall prey to unexpected fatalities, leaving their entire family in lurch both mentally and physically. How to deal with these sudden catastrophes of life which turn up uncalled and unannounced and for which your regular insurance company do not cover you. You can go for short term or temporary heath insurance. Temporary heath insurance is meant for those who do not have a regular source of income and thus are not prioritized by regular insurance plan which require payment of hefty premiums.

It could be taken by people who are between jobs, who are laid of temporarily from their respective jobs, graduate who have yet to start earning, temporary part time workers and other who can not afford the regular pension plan as their next day salary is not fixed. They usually go for temporary health insurance as the health hazard are tremendous these days and the earning in not parallel to them. Even insurance companies understand that in the competitive world it is very likely that there is huge market for them in this section and so they are trying to woo more and more people enticing them with lucrative terms.

The terms that Fortis temporary heath insurance has in its ambit are according to its own sources are simple, fast and affordable .we will try to divulge its term further as per its claim for simplicity. The terms on its brochure simply states that fortis temporary health insurance will cover people for unexpected illness and accidents but pre-exiting medical conditions and doctors? checkup fall short of its reach and are not considered. As per its claim of providing you a speedy and fast coverage your insurance coverage can be started as early as next day. So its claim is well justified here. One of the best things about the fortis temporary health insurance is that you can design the coverage plan according to your own budget. The temporary health insurance is low cost alternative to COBRA and is very viable for people who for the time being can not afford the COBRA.

Fortis health insurance can be purchased for as few as 30 days and keep you covered for 185 days. Healthy individual from ages of 30 days and 64 years 11 month can be covered under this plan . As per the benefits are concerned here are few of them:

1. You can choose your own doctors and hospitals: Do not worry if you do not have that swanky cars in your porch as your neighbor because like him you can well afford the services of best doctors and hospital in your area with fortis temporary health insurance.

2 . You can also well afford to receive prescribed drugs which your doctor has deemed essential for your recovery . With fortis temporary health insurance you do not have to worry about the cost of your medicine. Let your doctor name it and you can have it .

3. In hospital and out-patient benefits: you are not only covered only for illness that require you to stay in hospital but also for the diseases which does not compulsorily require you to stay in hospital away from your family. As no one can deny that anyone who is ill recuperates fast with his family around him them in some isolated room of hospitals.

4. This one clause is certainly worth a detail. If any day you are hospitalized due to any reason, the coverage can run beyond the normal coverage tenure that is more then 12 month according to your plan so you do not worry about your mounting bills if you have fortis temporary health insurance plan The plan is itself its assurance that it won?t leave you in muddle. This clause to your happiness doesn?t require any further additional cost. Empathy- you heard the right word, this time.

5. At no additional cost the above clause is extended up to 60 days and extension of $1000 for these 60 days beyond the normal tenure of coverage.

The fortis insurance can start covering you from the next day either you call them or simply go on their site and fill the form online. The payment option are also viable, you can either pay by your credit card or the company will auto debit your account on your instruction or you can simply sign a check. To kick off, you will have to shell out $20 as the initial fees. Further there is no cap on number of policy you want to buy but usually the policies are not renewable and do not cover you pre-exiting medical conditions. So to cover you and your family from unexpected illnesses and uncalled accidents ask for the details from fortis and start a temporary health insurance policy right now.

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